The King’s Message

The King’s Message

I am the king of an ancient land–I never want time to go by. I rule benevolently and my loyal subjects shower me with the praise of a thousand gods. Life is simple; there is no need for more than what is necessary. In my kingdom, everyone has access to the basic necessities of life–food, water, currency, an honest living, everything. There are no seeds of revolt in my land, and everyone recognizes me as their king. This time is ancient, and many of your modern inventions are thousands of years from being imagined; despite this, we have everything we need.

There is no one in want; simply the desire of one man to improve upon his or her own living conditions. I am a just ruler among the people, and my sons, spread out throughout the various provinces of my land, judge according to the law written and enacted by my ancestors. We are a faithful people in that we know the one true God for what he is, and our law descends from His holy Mountain as He sees fit to bestow. Our lives are but dust in his eyes; we are merely as sand along his endless beach of life.

This is your third visit to our ancient land; you are always welcome to learn of our customs. As already stated, we are an ancient people, full with life and spirit. Our lives extend well beyond your modern standards; disease has not yet been given the chance to evolve to catastrophic levels. The artisans of medicine dwelling in this land are well-versed in the art of treatment for the body–all illnesses are but a distant memory. Men and women live out the fullness of their years, and centuries determine their wealth.

Situated at the proper latitude for any civilization, we experience moderate weather patterns and bountiful harvests. My kingdom remains wealthy, and I have seen fit that the people know that my wealth is their own. The people are willingly taxed at a reasonable level; their monthly contributions fuel the life and advancement of the kingdom and is returned to them via infrastructure, roads, security, irrigation of all corners of the territory, and the development and growth of the most prestigious schools the world over.

I am a king that believes in the education of my people; it is important that they are well-versed in the arts and sciences so that they may obtain an understanding of the world around them. This dedication and commitment towards the enrichment of my people is evident in the cleanliness, development, and overall spirit of them all. Everyone is free to pursue the ambitions that they see fit, and almost all things turn into constructive projects for the kingdom. It is a reality that the Royal Family prides itself on with each day that passes.

For centuries, my family has ruled over this land with benevolence; the yolk of the people has remained light, and our taxes have been fair. With everyone able to work and provide for themselves and their families, I am viewed as the leader and champion of their causes. I leave them free to chase their dreams, and their loyalty to the throne facilitates respect for the rule of law. My judgement is fair, just, and without partiality.

Above all things, my throne acknowledges the Most High as its ultimate governor and judge. My actions are done with the guidance and consultation of the God of my ancestors. Long ago, when He came down to speak with my ancestor, He left with Him a collection of commandments and ordinances to be obeyed by all those living within the kingdom. These commandments remain in effect to this day, and my kingdom lives both freely and peacefully under them.

The faithful adherence to these statutes have preserved order above all in the kingdom, and we continue to experience bountiful harvests, even when harsh winters lead other nations to our borders. Their need for our resources serve as further enrichment for the many farmers and tillers in our kingdom, and our advisors continue to heed God’s instructions so we never go hungry. This is aided by the fact that our lands have been blessed with some of the most fertile soil in the world, providing an abundance of different crops that grow throughout the year.

As king, I refuse for any of my subjects to go more than a day without food. Such a thing should not be in this world, for we are all creatures with a sense of dignity that no man or circumstance should threaten or disregard. I have no remorse for those that exploit the poor for the sake of their own selfish ambition; my judges share this sentiment with me, their king, and remain harsh on those that worship greed as their one true god.

Even in this ancient time, there are those that believe our wealth and abundance will lead to our downfall. I refuse such suggestions and assumptions about my kingdom. As king, I always strive for friendship with all neighboring lands, and will do what ever it takes to maintain the peace, even if it entails the giving of offerings. Our men are loyal to their government, and will not have their hearts fail if a call to arms is made. I despise war, for it spills blood into the streets instead of honey.

Peace is the prime objective for myself and my kingdom; I rebuke war and those that advocate it, and will only call the people to arms if there is no other possible alternative to peace. We are a peaceful nation that strives for friendship, but we cannot allow the selfish ambition of another land to threaten the peace we hold dear. As this land’s earthly father, I want my sons and daughters to grow old in a land that flows with milk and honey, not the blood of defeated enemies. I cannot bear to see the lives of humanity extinguished over solvable disputes.

Love is the mission for all those entrusted in my care; God must be the sole recipient of this great thing, and it is His will that sustains us all. We must all love one another; do good to those that don’t necessarily want to do good so us, and forgive those that hurt us; because what good is it for a man if he gain his revenge on the whole world, only for him to be the only one left standing? What kind of life would that be if only one man were left on the earth?

Expression is freely permitted within the borders of my kingdom. Those that transmit information across this blessed land are given the freedom to do so; I am not a perfect man, and while I seek perfection, I, as king, know that I am prone to mistakes. My people are welcome to hold the throne accountable; it is the kingdom that is served by the throne, not the other way around. Respect the liberty, safety, and peace of those around you, and your ambitions will be as freely encouraged as theirs.

We are an advanced people; not because we seek the irony of our times, but because we are blessed by the Most High in all that we do. I pray that our message is shared throughout the whole world as a result of your visit; I fear for what the world may become after the age of our civilization has gone the way of our forefathers. With this glimpse into what you consider your own past, I pray that the future that follows will resemble the simple nature of our current time.

Peace be with you, humble traveler.

His Imperial Majesty,

Nasir I
King and Sovereign Ruler of The Royal Tietian Empire
Chief Governor of The Unified Duman Territories
High Prince of The Yaru-Loutian Provinces
Head General of The Royal Tietian Armed Forces
Lead Consul of The Organization of Allied National States


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