Scientific Faith.

It amazes me how Yahweh expertly designs the minds of the many scientists that have defined our society, only for them to turn and forget Him. Worse than that, we live in a world where Yahweh expertly designs the minds of those that must spread His message, only for them to be the ones that go and redesign him. Humanity remains an enigma.

Science was not brought into the world from On High for humankind to disregard Yahweh‘s existence and inspire its students to mock His followers, nor was science brought into the world from Shamayim to be disregarded by Believers.

No. That couldn’t be further from what we know as the truth. Instead, science was meant to amplify our understanding of Yahweh‘s handiwork. Science is meant to increase, but wisdom is handed down from above. With wisdom comes a connection to Yahweh known as faith and belief.

It is written in Sha’ul ha-Tarsi’s Letter to thHebrews that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Even the eye of science has its own limits. Through faith, we understand that all of Existence was framed by the Elohim’s Word so that visible things were made by the invisible. It is possible for science and belief to march hand-in-hand towards Heaven; where science cannot go, faith already exists.

It is life’s puzzle. Now, faith has already overcome all things and science has managed to increase along with the collective knowledge of mankind. That we know to be the reality. This is real. Before science existed faith, and with science comes a new understanding of why our faith is as strong as it ought to be. More is made known. Our intelligent design enables us to recognize and build upon the knowledge and discoveries of our ancestors; this is what separates us from the animals.

We are the supreme created being on Earth, and we were made to have dominion over all of Creation for that same purpose. Yahweh Himself did not only speak us into existence but fashioned us with His own omnipotent hands. It is the unpredictability of Mother Nature that determines the march of the beasts through their existence, while it is humankind that determines its own fate in life.

The Intelligent Designer has designed us in His image, blessing us with the capability to create and design using our own ingenuity and skill. We may continue to develop new ways to discover and understand the intricate design of Yahweh, but such work does not have the authority to declare the finality of His existence and power over all of Creation. Moreover, we are merely tapping into what has been before our eyes since the day he placed them in our bodies. All these things He created.

Our universe is a vast canvass of expert design. This world we live in at the present continues to reveal to us new things not before seen by mortal eyes. The work of science is what shows us the intricate details of a blueprint drawn by a Master Contractor many, many years ago. And all it took Him was a total of six days. No matter what we discover in the coming decades and centuries, we will forever be reminded of a humbling Truth: mankind will always know limits in the eyes of the Almighty.

However, as limited beings, we can take solace in the reality that Yahweh will continue to reveal many secrets of His creation to us all. This will either be done retroactively through our own discoveries made by minds designed by Him, or a more direct revelation of knowledge. Earth contains the answers to the many ills we suffer from. Though Ha-Adam‘s sin may have condemned us to an imperfect existence, there remains hope.

In addition to the sending of His Son, Yeshua Melekh ha-Mashiach, as the ultimate sacrifice, Yahweh left us an Earth with all of the resources needed to cure our illnesses. By harnessing that which emerges from the soil in response to an ideally-positioned sun, we are able to address our imperfections. By harnessing the many elements floating around this planet, we are able to make continued improvements in medicine every day. Perhaps this medicine shall someday (soon) become universal, but I digress…

Science is what makes this possible, but it was all ultimately authored long ago by Yahweh Himself at the dawn of time, meaning that the two can truly walk alongside one another in agreement. The Hebrews were able to bring this into the world through the faith of Abraham Ben-Terah, who would become the father of a blessed race of people, the Israelites of old. This race would introduce us to a peculiar line of kings headed by none other than a ruddy shepherd boy named Dawid Ben-Yishai.

If you look at the before and after of the matter, it would be easy to say that Dawid Melekh Yisrael‘s lineage and subsequent bloodline would be what some would call unlikely, but Yahweh would, time after time, show mercy and favor upon him. Yeshua would eventually be born into this unique Israelite lineage, and the rest would be history. Many of us are still thankful for it.

How interesting is it that the Bread of Life would be born and placed into a glorified breadbasket for animals, on the outskirts of a town named for bread itself? Bethlehem was a special place for more than one reason, and even science will have to one day bow down to that.

I have no idea why I wrote this.


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