The Manifesto: Part V

Editor’s Note: It’s been a while. We know. But after Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV, there could be no doubt that a Part V of The Manifesto Series was on its way. Recent events have demanded it, so here we are. We are thankful for the continued support. Press on!

The saga continues…

I, like many of you, am a man of faith, but I honestly have no idea how prayer is going to eradicate racism in the United States of America. We have been taught for far too long that God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves. Africans in America have been praying for justice for centuries. Speaking generally, where is it?

Really, where is it? The year is now 2017, and the Ku Klux Klan—joined by their colleagues in the American Nazi Movement—are openly (and proudly) marching in a former slave stateNOTE: The Civil War ended more than 150 years ago, the Confederate States of America were defeated, and President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation before being assassinated. This is supposed to be ancient history. It’s not.

My heart will always be with the millions of Africans and Amerindians whose blood continues to fertilize the soil now being exploited by modern day American Capitalism. Our society has taught us in recent years that those that become aware of the radical injustice still pervading communities nationwide and speak out against systemic racism and brutality are told to shut up, often by the very status quo sympathizers, rendered uncomfortable by the dialogue you are attempting to stir up in order to better society. It’s a systematic stain on our nation’s history.

Think of Muhammad Ali. Think of Craig Hodges. Think of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Think of Colin Kaepernick. These men are all linked in a unique struggle within their fields of play against a racist, classist elite that, like the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the 1960s, will stop at nothing to prevent the rise of a Black Messiah figure that will lead Africans into a unified existence of justice, truth, dignity, and equality.

Racism is far from dead. Slavery has never truly been abolished. Instead, racism and slavery have become systemic, and we as a nation will never move past this if we remain unwilling to become uncomfortable and face the many sins of our collective past. Those sins continue to be visited on ourselves and our children. I fear that my grandchildren will rise up in their time and speak of the same injustices plaguing us today. Justice, in this era, is not yet profitable.

Let’s head to church for a moment. Yeshua Melekh ha-Mashiah left His seat at Yahweh’s right side, appeared on Earth, and after being executed by a combination of societal elites and occupying authorities, rose from death, later leaving basic instructions for mankind to live in harmony with one another. But then, European elites found a means of profit from these teachings, blocked the poor from accessing them through literacy, and completely perverted it, even changing the faith’s holy day of worship to appease pagans. We’ll talk about that later, in another piece.

Carnage ensued. What was once a righteous doctrine of love, faith, tolerance, and obedience became one of oppression, classism, European supremacy, and imperialism. A brown and black religious system became effectively whitewashed with the blood of those from whom it originated. Later crimes against humanity like slavery, genocide, and anti-intellectualism would be justified by this perverted, soiled belief system.

Men and women were no longer equals. The very faith that eliminated lines of demarcation between Jews and Greeks, men and women, was corrupted into a political system that established class according to melanin deprivation, personal wealth, or the possession of certain reproductive organs. The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and various other state-sponsored acts of genocide, white supremacy, and imperialism. Great “heroes” of this perverted state system would, in fact, be racists and genocidal maniacs.

Today, we see the remnants of this new socio-religious oligarchy in Western Society, as challengers of the elites are mercilessly put down in order to preserve the status quo. Today, we see the result—the systematic conditioning of an entire society into thinking, acting, and voting against its own best interests. It has become an endless cycle of corruption, depravity, greed, division, strive, and oppression across a variety of different spectrums.

When the elites possess most or all of a nation’s wealth in a primarily profit-driven, capitalist system, they possess great power and influence, enough that is almost immediately taken advantage of. Deception abounds. They influence the very culture that shifts a society’s views on many inherent issues central to humankind. When this is systematically regulated on all levels, you can control not just a nation, but the world.

When you are able to keep a majority of the public focused on one hot button issue while simultaneously trivializing the struggles of others, you control the societal narrative. You are able to keep a majority of the people under control, and in your best interests. Most of the people will not grow wiser to the very actions you are hoping they will ignore. Their ignorance will mean your continued prosperity and stranglehold on society.

Moreover, they will even respond negatively to the few that refuse to bow before your idols of ignorance, rejecting and even dismissing them as “seekers of division,” “madmen without a cause,” or “instigators of ignorance,” themselves. It is a tragic irony which exists in our society, and the perpetrators of this Great Lie have become masterful at this craft over the centuries. The Great Lie will continue if enough of us remain asleep.

How shameful is it that the personification of hate and white supremacy—actual neo-Nazis and a combination of current and former Ku Klux Klan members—are actually marching down American streets in plain sight of their perceived targets [Africans, Arabs, other non-Europeans, homosexuals, and the like], and there are those who are more upset about an African American professional athlete choosing to peacefully kneel in protest to bring light to the epidemic of state-sponsored lynchings of Africans in this country?

It is almost as though we forgot that the Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key, a racist slaveowner [a bit redundant, no?] and eventual U.S. District Attorney who used his authority to make life difficult for abolitionists [read: human beings against slavery], so much so that he uttered these words during his August 1836 prosecution of Prudence Crandall (later acquitted) for “seditious libel” after Crandall was found with various anti-slavery publications hidden in a trunk:

“Are you willing, gentlemen, to abandon your country, to permit it to be taken from you, and occupied by the abolitionist, according to whose taste it is to associate and amalgamate with the negro? Or, gentlemen, on the other hand, are there laws in this community to defend you from the immediate abolitionist, who would open upon you the floodgates of such extensive wickedness and mischief?”

Or are we, as Americans, simply going to cling on to the ignorant, romanticized version of history in which Key was nothing more than an American icon and patriot now responsible for the very Anthem we now hear before every sporting event? Are we, as law-abiding citizens, resigned to mental slavery under society’s racist status quo, or are we prepared to free ourselves from the cultural shackles placed upon us? If so…


Make no mistake, I stand with Colin Kaepernick, the same way I honor the sacrifices made by many of his forerunners for standing up for what is right and resisting the Great Lie that is that we are all equal in the eyes of the law. The thought may be pleasant enough to hear and comforting, but the practice is deception. We are not yet equal in the eyes of mankind. God is no respecter of persons, but we have still a long way to travel.

But I know one thing. We will be alright. The time is coming. Many among us are stirring from centuries of an oppression-induced social coma. The Revolution of the Mind is almost here. Stand with those that need you by their side in the struggle for justice and equality. Do not think that their struggle does not affect yours, whatever it may be, because when even the least of us suffers, we all do, whether directly or indirectly. Remember your brother and sister in the day of their trouble, for when the time comes for their glory, you too will shine in the light of their success and prosperity.

A red rose is blooming in the rising of a glowing sun.


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