My name is Ricky J. Marc, and I am running for SBA President.

Let’s talk. During this election season, some of you are probably wondering about the future of this school. For far too long, we have seen the cynical effects of the same kind of student government you remember in high school and college—fancy campaign promises, hollow popularity contests over substantive leadership, and little else besides the same off-campus parties. But there has to be more to student government than the status quo that we’re faced with. There has to be something better. By running for SBA President, I plan to be that better option moving forward.

Our campaign offers something new—accountable, inclusive leadership that believes in an active, engaged student body as a major key for success, both on and off campus; an organized student petition system to unify the collective will of the students behind issues central to our development as legal professionals; a complete restoration of the student ambassador program; and an accessible presidential candidate that has always worked to improve the conditions of his classmates, no matter what his leadership role was, from day one.

Progress is what I’m about, and leadership is what I do. This administration knows my name, and that is no accident. They know that I have been a fierce advocate for you. They know that I want, more than anything, for us to be the most bar-ready student body in the state.

They know that no matter where I have been or where I am—whether working at the White House, meeting with prospective students, or studying abroad as the one student not from an Ivy League school—that my mission is to make this campus proud. But they don’t have a vote in this election. Their voice isn’t what represents your collective desire. Yours does. Your vote matters.

Electing me SBA President will ensure that your voice will have a seat at their decision-making table. Make no mistake—in me, you will have a true ally advocating for our needs as students.

For years, I have tirelessly worked to serve you to the best of my ability, but this campaign isn’t about me or adding something cute to my resume; moreover, this campaign is about the best way we can move us into a more successful future. I know what it takes to accomplish the goals we’ve set for ourselves as student professionals, and I am eager to lace up my beaten-up Nikes and get to work with you and the incoming Senate. More than anything, I can’t wait to talk with you about the issues we face. This campaign is about you!

Fellow students, we are at a crossroads. Soon, you will choose between the outdated student politics of old and us, a new, more inclusive direction that puts your needs first and listens to your grievances on a more personal level.

Honor me with your vote on Election Day, and we will see to it that we, together, will establish a new culture of success and excellence on this campus, the likes of which this school has never before seen. Students, it’s time to return the power to your hands where it belongs. Election Day is Friday, March 10. Vote Ricky J. Marc for SBA President.

Let’s make history together.


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