The People’s Party: A Platform

For far too long, the United States of America has struggled under the weight of an archaic system dominated by two ruling parties. What if we started a third party that worked to liberate Americans from the political corporatism that has brought our collective progress to a slow march? What if we built, from the ground up, a Party for the People? 

What if we called it The People’s Party? What would we believe?

Read on below.

We believe in an America where the people decide to take control of both their government and economy and flows upward, and we reject one where power flows from the top-down, at the behest of an oligarchic society. We believe in an America where consumer protections are prioritized over the whims and desires of major corporations and banking institutions. We believe that government is meant to be a product of the people, not the other way around, that our leaders are supposed to represent and reflect our values, and not the values of a privileged few with deep pockets.

We believe that we the people decide our leaders and the status of our political process, that we decide what changes and what doesn’t.

We believe that all human beings are entitled to the following basic rights:

– The right to life, liberty, safety, and privacy.
– The right to a clean, safe, and healthy environment.
– The right to seek refuge from foreign oppression.
– The right to citizenship and equal protection under the law.
– The right to fair, swift, equal, and representative justice under the law.
– The right to freely and peacefully assemble.
– The right to freely practice religious faith or none at all.
– The right to health care services.
– The right to an education.
– The right to own property.
– The right to freely and peacefully travel.
– The right to freedom of expression and thought.
– The right to participate in free, fair, direct, and open elections.
– The right to work under equitable and satisfactory conditions.
– The right to collectively bargain and be free from exploitation.
– The right to social security and a dignified wage under the law.
– The right to petition the government on matters pertaining to the public interest.

We believe that these are inalienable rights, that all living human beings deserve them, and that these rights and freedoms must apply to all human beings, without regard to race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, genetic information, disability status, national origin, religious belief (or lack thereof), social status, citizenship status, or income level. We believe progress is the future.

We believe that all men, women, and nonconforming people are equal under the eyes of the law, and that our laws and systems–criminal, civil, economic, or otherwise–must reflect this, without exception. We oppose all forms of racism, discrimination, and economic suppression. We believe in a strong and accountable government, buoyed by an equally strong and engaged citizenry.

We believe that no citizen, male, female, or gender nonconforming, should ever be denied access to quality health care, and that health care is a universal human right. We strongly support a comprehensive citizen-funded health care system, as well as a vibrant health insurance marketplace for all Americans. We believe that all Americans are entitled to health care, no matter what their status is in society. Health care is a social responsibility that all citizens must have a hand in upholding for one another.

We believe in a vibrant educational system that teaches students to the point of knowledge, not to a particular standardized test. We believe in an educational system that maximizes the learning potential of every student, and refuses the idea that certain students can afford to be left behind while others succeed. We believe in an educational system that prepares American children and young adults for a rapidly globalizing world, and one that values the importance of multilingualism. Most of all, we believe that an education, like access to health care, is a basic human right, regardless of age.

We believe that a culturally diverse, well-trained, transparent, and accountable police force is paramount to the peace and safety of communities throughout the United States of America. We oppose violations of citizen’s rights in any form by the government, federal or otherwise. We strongly support a police force that does not resort to excessive force before all prior options are exhausted. We strongly support a police force that reflects the communities they are sworn to protect and serve.

We strongly support an economic environment that affords equal opportunities to all citizens, regardless of demographic. We believe in an American economy that is built to withstand the winds of economic change, one that leads the world in innovation and entrepreneurism, but also one that is disciplined and compassionate, one that does not exploit the American worker in terms of wages and labor. We believe in an economy that encourages entrepreneurism, but operates under a common fairness principle.

We believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that Native Americans more than deserve the right to govern themselves on their own land, much of which our predecessors mercilessly took from their slaughtered ancestors. We strongly support a war on poverty, not a war on the impoverished. We believe that societies are judged by how the least among them are treated. We believe that we must treat the least among us with dignity and compassion. We believe that this is our duty as citizens.

We strongly oppose the epidemic of mass incarceration, and strongly support the reform of America’s incarceration system into one that emphasizes rehabilitation over punitive treatment. We believe that the children of the world are the heartbeat of our future, and we cannot support actions of any kind that cast their future in doubt.

We believe that our leaders must be duty-bound to answer and be accountable to the American people and the American people alone, that we must only raise up and elect candidates we deem most fit to represent the people’s interests as a whole, not the interests of large corporations or a privileged few. We believe in a bright future for our nation, and that we cannot achieve this future without an educated and engaged citizenry. Above all, our voice must be heard as one—we, the people.

Join us as we march together towards a peaceful and prosperous American future.

The winds of political change are blowing.

Join the People’s Party of America today.




It starts here.


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