A Moment’s Yesteryear.

This was originally written on 24 September 2009.

So I’m sitting in the Sun of a moment’s yesteryear,
Continuously wondering why nothing’s becoming clear,
I sometimes feel like the endings are near,
Only for my stupidity to turn around and knock me on my rear.
I sometimes get the feeling that I am freely being used,
It often makes me wonder if I still have force to choose,
In the pot of others it seems very true,
That a sauce of entitlement has begun to brew.
Has my kindness and uttermost servitude begun to backfire?
Is it true that my acts of truth and honor have exposed my inner liar?
What conclusion then must I come through,
With these feelings so true,
And these thoughts so new?
I know.
I must tone down the servitude
Tone down the latter pain
Purchase my heart’s umbrella
Shield me from life’s rains.
I came.
I saw.
I was a part of.
Then now,
As my spirit begins to question the very object of my affection,
I must determine the good and bad,
The results of starting in a new direction.

These are my reflections.


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