The Candidate.

I have some exciting news for everyone at St. Thomas University.

My name is Ricky J. Marc, and I am running for President. I would like to apologize first and foremost for not being on campus this semester to speak with you all in person; as you may already know, I am currently in Washington, D.C. representing our law school as intern on Capitol Hill for the Spring 2016 semester. Nevertheless, my love and affection for this campus is stronger as it has ever been, and I look forward to being with you all again very soon.

I will do the best I can to be as brief as possible; after all, you all have enough reading to do as it is. I am running to be your SBA President because I know what it takes to bridge the divide between this esteemed student body and the administration. I know what it takes to serve as your voice in front of the powers that be, and it is a duty I will undertake with the utmost importance.

Leadership is what I do, and what I have done. It is what I have been about since my sophomore year at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and I have continued that practice serving on the executive boards of the Entertainment and Sports Law Society, Jewish Law Students Association (not kidding), and Phi Alpha Delta.

Many of you already know I mean what I say when I promise to make sure your voice is heard. With that said, your support and your vote will help us move into a brighter future for this school and this student body. None of us have time for silly games and petty squabbles. That stops with me. I have no desire to lie to you about the issues we face.

I am not going to waste your time with outlandish proposals and campaign promises, most of which I don’t know I can’t keep. That is not how this process should work. It is one thing to promise all sorts of things for votes on the outside, only to realize one’s own naïveté upon being elected.

I am here to promise you that if you trust me with this important position in the Student Bar Association, you will elect an SBA President with proven student leadership experience, honest and trustworthy leadership, and an SBA that will always put the needs and concerns of the student body above the addition of a line to his or her résumé.

This campaign isn’t about me—it’s about you. It is about what you want out of your student leadership. Honor me with your vote and support, and I promise that your vote will not return to you void. The time has come for this student body to come together for a future that we can all have a part in, whether you are an active member of the Student Bar Association or not.

Elect me SBA President, and we can move forward together with hard work, accountability, strong leadership, and a new brand of student government this school has never seen before.

Thank you for hearing me out, and I look forward to your support on Election Day!

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