The Void.

I wrote this around six full years ago, back when I did that sort of thing.

You are a hole in the soul.

With you nearby, I can never feel whole.

The object of which I seek,

Causes my body to become very weak.

You were born not more than three years ago,

You rose to power quickly and without warning,

And had an effect that was quite alarming.

You continue to eat away at the mind,

Causing false hope to pass with every single dyme.

You grow deeper and wider with every single gesture,

You strike with force faster than the speed of Devin Hester.

You take me to places of great and terrible longing,

You cloud the fact that with them I can be charming,

You live as the Eternal allows you to,

Though you are strong, you never always make me feel blue,

One day…oh one day you will see defeat,

Because I already know of the one that I will one day meet.

She’s been promised to me, so I will wait,

But it’s the wait itself that I actually hate,


All is well in the world of he that fell,

For I know your birthplace is none other than Hell,

You yourself will one day become your own victim,

You and your father will one day land in the Valley of Siddim.

My heel will soon pierce your skull,

I will finally crush you into nothing at all.

But no…I will not be the one to finish you.

My son…yes, my son, will banish you into the floating blue,

The tears of the father will become the strength of the son,

You will finally die when the two of us finally become…



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