Gold Chains.

It truly is a shame that we find ourselves as a community falling victim to this addiction that many of us have, an addiction to pursuing a societal path of least resistance, a path which limits us to the many self-destructive stereotypes the greater society has set for us, no matter our upbringing.

Because of these rather easy paths to certain predetermined positions in society, we find ourselves prone to this subconscious desire to limit one another by perpetuating many of the cultural side-effects that have been borne out of a negative socio-economic condition which has piled upon itself for years dating back to one of our nation’s worst traditions.

This blueprint essentially established by the cracked backs of our societal forefathers will doom us to an endless cycle of economic mediocrity unless we choose a different path than the one clouded by the mist of illusion; this particular path, some would say, is what we should take, because it seems so rewarding right away, with many of us not realizing the destructive effects it will have on our community and society as a whole.

The more they’re able to have us destroying one another using our own social constructs, the less we are able to establish economic foundations for ourselves that foster financial autonomy, self-discipline, and the prospect of a better education and stronger, more prosperous future for everyone around us, not just the occasional “brother or sister that gets lucky and makes it out.”

One does not need to live in the ghetto to be trapped by its psychological and economic walls. The American ghetto is, in many ways, a social construct that knows no bounds. Moving out of it does not solve the problem, nor does isolating it from the rest of society. It is a state of mind, an internal struggle for one’s conscience.

It has been said before that men must change before kingdoms can; however let me take it one step further: ideas and practices must change before men can. A new light must shine through the darkness, and this will take more than just a historical political event to spark the fires of change that we seek.


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