The Author.

He is a peculiar man. Some might view him as strange, perhaps even intense or withdrawn. Others might view him as a man who is no friend to emotional extremes. He is not a man given to wine or strong drink. It has been said that there is a constant calmness about him that is reassuring to many. Often people look to him as a beacon of strength and assuredness that everything will soon pass with peace.

There always seems to be a genuine air of compassion about him; when he speaks, the deep, yet pronounced cadence of his words are like that of a leader, a man receiving knowledge from somewhere else. This man was born to one day lead many, perhaps even a nation someday. His resolve remains steadfastly towards the future. He is not a perfect man; his interactions with others are not always welcomed warmly by them.

But those that spend enough time with him, to learn his ways, listen to his words, and view his actions, they are the ones that discover his true nature—one borne out of goodness, mercy, love, compassion, friendship, brotherhood. He freely gives himself up to the needs of others, never refusing the opportunity to aid his fellow man. He is no respecter of persons—all man is equal in his eyes.

Though he may stumble from time to time, God and His Teachings through Yeshua Melekh ha-Mashiach remain the root of his life. After all, he is but only a man, prone to sin, yet no desirer of it. Though he may love mankind and those around him, he is no stranger to loneliness. Even now, deep within his being, he longs for a companion that will grant him the honor of siring progeny.

This, he feels, beyond his established ambitions, is what he lacks at the moment and for the time being. But a time, he feels, is soon coming where such desires will be fulfilled in the form of an angel sent to complete him.


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