In my mind’s eye, I find myself looking out towards the city from the highest point in the area as the night falls, standing between civilization and wilderness; how can it be that I have reached the crossroads in my life so early?

I am reminded of the DC comic book character Batman as he roosts atop Gotham’s tallest skyscraper; he sits in complete silence, waiting. Watching. For a moment, it seems as though the city, known internationally for its collective social insomnia, has fallen asleep.

This peace causes he and I to momentarily close our eyes in total solitude, when a siren suddenly rings out in the distance. We both hear the cry of justice screaming to us; we cannot escape our calling in life.

This is why we were born; to stand for those too weak to stand for themselves. With one swoop, we are gone and into the world; justice calls our name, and no one else can answer the never-ending request for safety that the world makes.

We accept our destiny as crusaders for change and security, but we long for the next opportunity for us to retire to the distant rock of peace that we rarely find rest upon. Peace really is a fleeting element of our existence; oh how we’d do whatever it took to have it back.

Such is the life of those recruited into the army of prosperity.

This is why I understand super heroes at times.


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